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July 28, 2021


I had one of the stupidest thoughts of my entire life today.  And if you don't agree that it's stupid, we need to talk.  


Yes, I’ve had many stupid thoughts, but this one actually stopped me from taking another step.


My heart was light this morning, maybe because my schedule and workload were too.  I was about to drive to church when this thought gave me reason to pause: You don’t need to spend time with God today. 


This thought was both stupid and arrogant at the same time.  There have been times when I have neglected to spend time in prayer or read the Scriptures because I thought I was too busy.  Yes, another stupid notion, but it lacks the gross arrogance of thinking that I don’t need to.  


Was this thought buried in my subconscious?  Did it come from the pits of Hell? 


The more I thought about it the more absurd it became.  If I bought into this lie, I’m basically saying…


God, I don’t need you.  Creator of the universe, I don’t need your wisdom or guidance in my life today.  Lord of lords, King of kings, I don’t need your love, grace or mercy.  I’ve got this.  I’m sufficient without you.  I can handle whatever comes my way in my own strength and limited resources.  I’ll let you know when I need your supernatural intervention. 


Regardless of the workload and regardless of what might appear to be an “easy day,” I ALWAYS need God’s loving care, direction and provision.  I’m a shell of a man without them and powerless to be an agent of hope and reconciliation in this broken world. 


I need God every minute of my life.  Spending time in His Word and praying throughout the day fills me and fuels me for whatever the day holds.


As I write this, I’m singing this chorus in my mind:


Lord, I need You, oh I need You
Every hour, I need You
My one defense, my righteousness
Oh God, how I need You




How would you describe your need for the Lord today? 






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One Response to “Stupid”
  1. Meade Roberts says:

    How many times in your life do you reflect on the Garden of Eden and the choices of Adam and Eve? For me, a lot. So many shiny, delicious-looking apples out there. I ask myself if I am in awe of their maker in his wonders, or if I just want that apple for myself, and that is my goal and, supposedly, my happiness. What is gained and what is lost in this decision is worthy of consideration. For me, I cannot figure it out completely on my own, but the Lord makes it clear. Mike, I join you in that song.

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