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The Cadd's

Elliot + Hildur Jones


Elliot and Hildur Jones serve in Reykjavik Iceland where Hildur grew up. They have been married since May of 2020. Elliot currently serves as an elder at Loftstofan Baptistakirkja (The Upper Room Baptist Church) and functions as the men’s/discipleship pastor. Together, Elliot and Hildur lead the college ministry Ex Deus, and help lead the Youth Group. Elliot and Hildur aim to move to the north of Iceland to plant a house church in the next 3-5 years.

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The Cadd's

Michael R. Maksimowicz

Asia + Africa

As the director of Ignite the World Ministries (ITWM), Mike’s passion is to bring the Gospel to the unreached world. Since 2009, he has directed ITWM into 50 Asian and African countries and has helped mobilized over 100 leaders and 1,000 evangelists. Prior to ITWM, he helped direct River of Life Ministries into the nation of Pakistan and saw thousands of Muslims come to Christ and miraculously healed. He also served the homeless and poor for 23 years at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and as the Executive Director of the Portland Rescue Mission. He and his wife Jennifer live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

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Josh + Audra Cadd


Josh and Audra Cadd have served with DOOR International since 2012. They are currently living in Kenya. DOOR International is an organization that works to reach the Deaf around the world through translating the Bible into sign languages and training Deaf leaders in discipleship and church planting. As a Bible translation consultant, Josh works with Deaf translation teams around the world who are translating the Bible into their unique sign languages. He ensures that their translations of scripture are exegetically accurate and communicate effectively.

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Jameson + Fernanda Wilent

SE Asia

We are the Wilents, and we’re part of World Outreach International, serving among the unreached Southeast Asia. Our mission is to spread the love of God and disciple the unreached by working with local leaders throughout the region, equipping them to disciple their own people and others.

We provide organizational support to local ministry leaders who serve in challenging and often dangerous areas, where spreading the love of God is not an easy task. We work with these leaders to ensure that their ministries and projects are sustainable and that they provide for the physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of unreached people groups who still don’t have access to the gospel of Jesus.

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Shane + Tara Jette

New Zealand

We are the Jette Family. We are currently based in beautiful Nelson, New Zealand and we help lead Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Nelson. We have served with YWAM since 2000 and helped to pioneer the base here in Nelson back in 2019. Our vision is to train and send missionaries to the last, lost, and least around the world. We do this through our Discipleship Training Schools and other training programs. We are partnering with YWAM works in over 30 nations and each year we train around 80 young and old missionaries. We are part of the founding team here, leadership team, pastoral care, training and communication teams. We are very involved in both the local community and locations around the world. We have 4 wonderful children. Asher, Abbi, Josiah and Johnny. Shane is from Ohio, and Tara from Hawaii, California and Sandy, Oregon. We lived in Lake Oswego and attended River West from 2013-2017 before moving back to NZ. Our work here is growing and expanding, please consider helping short term or attending one of our training programs. We take young at heart applicants from 18-80 years old.

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Ben + Rachel Brooks

SE Asia

Ben and Rachel B have been serving with World Outreach since 2003. They have helped start children’s homes and schools in the jungles of Borneo to church planting amongst unreached people groups in Cambodia, Nepal, and Indonesia. Ben and Rachel are passionate to see the unreached have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They both serve in leadership roles in World Outreach, with Ben serving as International Director since September 2023. World Outreach is a mission focused on bringing the good news of Jesus to unreached people groups around the world and has more than 300 missionaries serving amongst 170+ people groups.

Ben and Rachel have been married for 25 years and are blessed with two children and a son in-law. They are currently based in Southeast Asia.


Amanda Ellerbruch


I am currently working in Vallentuna, Sweden with the ministry Young Life. Young Life is a global ministry with the goal to build relationships with kids who don’t know Jesus and invite them deeper into daily life and genuine relationships. Sweden is the most secular nation in Europe and about 1% of the nation of Sweden considers themselves Christian. The ministry I do includes going out into the world of kids (schools, city centers, sports games) and getting to know them where they are. We have events every week to invite kids to and I oversee a team of leaders that also strive to build relationships with teenagers in the community. I currently also pour into a small group of girls and go deeper in the questions of Jesus and life.

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The Howell Family

SE Asia

Our family has served in both Makassar, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for nearly a decade working to see churches planted among the unreached people groups of these cities. Over this time this passion to see community formed around Jesus has meant taking on many titles and roles as missionaries and church planters: Missions Team Leaders, Students of Language and Culture, Language Coaches, Recruiters, Short Term Missions Team Hosts, Sports Coach, Director of Sports Foundation, Regional Sports Development, P.E. Teacher, Foster Parent/Adoptive Parent, and Athletic Director to name some. While many of these roles have involved sport, the thread tying this all together is seeking to marry the gifts God gives us with the opportunities to love and serve those least likely to encounter Christ.

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Jon + Cher Cadd


Jon and Cher Cadd have been serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Africa for the last 37 years. In that time they have been based in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Jon has been a pilot all that time as well as Program Manager and aircraft mechanic. When flying was restricted at age 65, Jon continued as Program manager and worked in the Internally Displaced People camps that were forming dueJon to tribal violence. For the last 3 years they have been working remotely from Oregon and Jon makes biannual trips to Congo in his role as the East Congo team’s Security Manager, keeping close tabs on the safety of our 6 pilot families flying in that area. This has become a necessity in recent years as of the instability of the region and violence continues to grow. The Cadds love the life of service the Lord has given them in Africa and would not trade it for anything. River West has faithfully supported from the beginning of its ministry.

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Jim + Paula Westfall


Our primary mission is to serve the church and ministries God gives us relationship with in Croatia. Our primary relationship today is with Rijec Zivota (Word of Life) church in Split. Our pastor has given permission for us to mentor and encourage those in the church who need support and wisdom to navigate emotional and spiritual difficulties they have encountered. In the future, we expect God will build upon our service to the church and allow us to serve other ministries in Split and the surrounding area.


Dave + Kathy Porter

El Salvador

Dave and Kathy founded Hope for Families to provide young women in El Salvador with a loving home (called Hope House) where they can grow in their faith, finish their education, and to go on to become agents of change in their own families and communities. In addition to our Hope House program, the young women who are a part of the program immediately begin to reach the young girls in their own villages through our girls club program. Each month, we hold clubs for girls 8-15 years old in these remote places that allow us to reach these precious girls and their families for Christ.

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The Millers

Middle East

The Millers work in a largely unreached Muslim country using business to build the church. As church leaders they serve in worship and music, preaching and teaching, and discipleship of Muslim-background, first-generation Christians. As professional coaches they passionately serve organizations, business leaders and professionals in many areas of development; the relationships they build through business have inspired countless people to investigate–and even to faith in–Jesus Christ. The Millers have two incredible children and they enjoy traveling the world together; they come through Portland every two years–don’t miss the chance to see them the next time they are in town (Summer 2024)!

For more information on how to pray for, support, or contact The Millers, please email chris@riverwest.org.

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