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Serve Others

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we believe that God has called our church to express Christ’s love to others within our community in tangible ways. Specifically, we believe that the Lord has uniquely equipped our community to meet some of the most critical needs in our church and city by engaging in the opportunities to serve listed below.

Serve our church family

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to the daily lives of virtually every person in our community. The medically vulnerable are confined to their homes. Financial hardship makes it difficult to keep food on the table. And the isolation of social distancing causes overwhelming loneliness. At River West we’re assembling a team of people dedicated to easing those burdens by delivering groceries and prescriptions, preparing and dropping off meals, and reaching out to those who live alone. If you’d like to make a tangible difference during this uncertain time, please join our team.

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Serve our community

Support Foster Care Families

Currently, one of the most critical ways our church can love the most vulnerable is by supporting foster families. Below are ways that you can help make a difference in the life of foster child and their family right here in our community!

Every Child

Through our partnership with Every Child our church is partnering directly with DHS to stand in the gap and provide for support for caseworkers, foster families, and vulnerable children in these trying times. Here are three critical ways that you can stand with us and help:

1. Loving Homes

In the midst of this crisis, DHS is overwhelmed with more children needing safe homes than ever. Find out how you can open your home and provide respite, short-term, or long-term care to a foster child in need follow the link above.

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2. Flash Boxes

Flash boxes are a fun, practical way to offer a surprise dose of encouragement to foster families in our community. Follow the link above to see a list of items so you, your family, or community group can put together a Flash Box. Drop off your Flash Box Wednesdays, 11am-1pm, at River West Church.

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3. My Neighbor Tablet + Laptop Drive

If you have an unneeded 2015+ tablet, laptop or computer with a webcam, please consider donating it to foster families through Every Child’s My NeighbOR initiative. Free Geek will refurbish, deliver, and provide support for all devices. You can drop off your donated devices every Wednesday from 11am-1pm at River West Church.


Bless DHS caseworkers and staff by purchasing much-needed items for the Midtown DHS office. Follow the link above for our Amazon Wishlist.

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5. Cloth Masks for DHS Workers

Our ministry partner Every Child shared that case workers directly assisting children and families need cloth protective masks. If you’d like to make and donate face masks (CDC instructions), you can drop them off at River West every Wednesday from 11am-1pm.

For more information on how you can serve foster children and families in our community, contact Lisa Feenstra at lisa@riverwest.org.

With Love

With Love, Oregon provides 120 Portland foster families each month with necessary resources such as diapers, blankets and books. Help support their efforts during this difficult time in one of three ways:


Email digital gift cards to allieroth@withloveoregon.org with “Gift Card Donation” in the gift card message box OR mail gift cards to With Love, Oregon, 14555 SW 74th Ave, Tigard, OR 97224.


Donate to our General Fund so we can purchase essential items from Costco and Walmart in bulk at discount rates.


Purchase currently needed items on our Amazon Registry. We deliver everything we receive directly to families in need.

Emergency Food Response


Thank you to our community for your generous sack lunch deliveries! Over the past few weeks we have donated close to 1000 lunches! As this pandemic continues, our goal has increased to 300 lunches a week. Please continue donating sack lunches—we desperately need your help! Follow the steps below to donate your own sack lunch:


  1. If anyone in your household is sick or has any symptoms of illness, then please do not participate in this particular service project.
  2. Clean your prep space carefully. Before handling food and lunch materials, please: wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and sanitize all food prep countertops and surfaces.
  3. Wear gloves when preparing lunches and change gloves if you cross contaminate.


Each Sack Lunch Must Include:

1 SANDWICH | Peanut butter and jelly

1 FRUIT ITEM | Orange, apple, or fruit cup (w/ spoon)

2 WRAPPED SNACKS | Chips, string cheese, cookie, granola bar, or non-perishable snack

1 BEVERAGE | Bottled water or juice box

OPTIONAL | Include an encouraging note


  • Place the items you prepared in a clear one-gallon resealable bag, if possible. If not, any appropriately-sized bag will suffice,
  • Drive through and drop off your sack lunches every Wednesday at River West Church from 11am to 1pm. A collection station will be set up in our parking lot in front of the side entrance.

For more information contact Mission Coordinator Lisa Feenstra at lisa@riverwest.org.


In the wake of public school closures in Lake Oswego, River West has partnered with the Lake Oswego School District and Hunger Fighters to help provide groceries and supplies to those in our community who can’t afford a Costco run.

To learn more or sign up to volunteer visit hungerfighters.org.

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