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September 29, 2021

It’s Not Wise to Ask Why

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?”

For it is not wise to ask such questions.

-Ecclesiastes 7:10


I read this recently and got caught up in the word “why.”  King Solomon isn’t saying not to remember or reminisce about the good old days.  He’s telling us that it’s not wise to ask “why” the old days were better.


OK, but why?


I can think of several reasons, but I’m going to focus on one.  Asking “why?” can leave you longing for something in the past that prevents you from focusing on the present. 


Maybe in the past you were physically healthier.

Maybe you had deeper friendships.

Maybe you had more money, more freedom, more time.

Maybe your family was more loving and tighter.

Maybe you were closer to the Lord. 

Maybe you weren’t living in a global pandemic. 


The God of today is the same loving, merciful, grace-filled God of all your yesterdays. 


But compared to your past, your present might look and feel less fulfilling.  Maybe the contrast leaves you feeling empty or tempts you to live in the past and simply get lost in the memories.


Perhaps you don’t like the hand you were recently dealt (see last week’s post).  And instead of playing those cards you are longing for something better. 


Men, if this describes you, it’s time to stop looking back and asking “why?” and pour all your energy and focus into the present.


Yes, COVID has made almost everything more difficult, and as a result, too many men have put their lives on hold until things change for the better. While lamenting what they have lost, they are failing to make the most of the time they’ve been given NOW. 


Is this you?  If so, it’s time to make a change.  Reaping the benefits of what you change might be slow in coming, but they will be worth it!  Is it time to get back in shape—physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally?  Start today!


I’ll leave you with this image, which I think about often.  Picture what the Space Shuttle looks like as it’s about to launch.  It’s stationary, moored to the landing dock.  When the countdown hits zero the rockets begin firing while scorching flames and smoke shoot out in a huge cloud.  It’s quite a spectacle!  And it’s loud!  The rockets look angry as they fight against the earth’s gravitational pull.  And I always marvel at how SLOW the shuttle looks as it takes off.  Is it really going to make it all the way into space?  I know it’s faster than it looks, but it’s nothing like the Millennium Falcon hitting lightspeed.  At liftoff, the two rocket boosters consume 11,000 pounds of fuel per second. That's two million times the rate at which fuel is burned by the average family car. 


It takes a lot for the Shuttle to break away from gravity’s grasp.  But eventually it does. 


It takes a lot for us to break away from the thoughts, habits, addictions, distractions, excuses, and fears that keep us rooted in mediocrity or even worse places. 


Now is not the time to ask “why questions” that keep us rooted in the past.  According to Solomon, that’s not wise. 


What is wise is asking what you can do NOW and making changes in your life that honor the Lord.  The bonus?  You’ll become a better man. 


So, what are you going to do?


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