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River West Family Camp
August 22, 2023. All day

August 22nd - 26th | Malibu, British Columbia

Join us for five days of camp with your River West family in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Malibu is a Young Life property on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, and it's only accessible by boat or seaplane.

Once at camp, we'll have access to all that Malibu has to offer - wakeboarding and waterskiing, kayaking and paddle boarding, zippiness, a giant swing, a swimming pool, frisbee golf, and WAY MORE!

When you're not exploring the camp during free time or enjoying inlet/mountain views from the dining hall, we'll have group activities, teaching and worship time, plus surprises throughout the week.

Sleep-wise, each family will be set up in their own cabin throughout camp, while the work crew will be in dorm-style housing. And that's the best part - if you're attending as a "camper," it means a week free from work - no cooking, no cleaning, or housekeeping on your agenda!

It’s very important that you read “Things to Know Before You Go” so that you are fully prepared for this experience—and you don’t miss the ferry to camp!  

This promises to be an opportunity you will not want to miss, and something you and your family will be talking about for years to come. Last year's camp was amazing and we know this year's camp will be too! We hope you will join us!

WHO? All River Westers!

WHAT? River West Family Camp

WHERE? Malibu, a Young Life property in Canada, north of Vancouver, BC

WHEN? Tuesday, August 22-Saturday, August 26th (The ferry to camp, the Malibu Princess, departs at 1:00pm on the 22nd)


Premium Housing: Similar to a "hotel" style room with nicer linens.

Premium Adult (13+): $620

Premium Tween (10-12): $510

Premium Child (5-9): $400

Premium Toddler (1-4): $155

Premium Infant: Free

Camp-Style: Cabin with bunks and "camp" linens.

Camp-Style Adults (13+): $585

Camp-Style Tween (10-12): $480

Camp-Style Child (5-9): $380

Camp-Style Toddler (1-4): $155

Camp-Style Infant: Free

All families will have their own room/cabin + bathroom.

The cost does not include transportation to camp.

You will need a passport to enter Canada. Canada has DROPPED the covid vaccination requirement.

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For more information, please contact Pastor Mike Self at mike@riverwest.org.

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