This has been a year of new beginnings for Sprouts. A new group of moms joined us, many of whom have never been in Sprouts before. A new group of impassioned and caring leaders mentors these moms. A cozy new room brings these women together, brimming with light, joy, encouragement, and, of course, laughter. This year, I can personally attest that Sprouts has a new kind of energy, filling up our souls and joining us in a special community.

Perhaps it started at the leaders retreat at Depoe Bay, which renewed our spirits, got us thinking, and inspired us as leaders and mentors to bond together and create something amazing this year.

We’ve heard brilliant and unique speakers. Artist Cathy McMurray urged us to find time in our busy lives to carve out a special space where our creativity can flourish. Fitness enthusiast Marina Mitchell educated us on nutrition and exercise, inspiring us not only to care for our kids, but also to care for our own bodies (and souls!). Etiquette expert Mindy Lockard encouraged us to teach our children how to be gracious and live brave, confident, and authentic lives. You can listen to these speakers and more here.

I love watching our moms bond together in friendship over really good conversations. They are so confident, and at times, vulnerable, especially when revealing perceived failures as parents. It’s so amazing to see them lean in and come together, creating an unshakable force to motivate and buoy each other through the trenches of motherhood.

Although not all of these women attend River West Church, we’re learning to walk with Jesus together. It’s so apparent that the Holy Spirit is guiding us and present with us every time we walk through those doors. And while we’re only halfway through the year, it’s so wonderful to see these women come back week after week looking for more encouragement, motivation, and friendship. It’s been a year of new beginnings for Sprouts and.I’m delighted to see what God has in store for us and how he’s going to use us and guide us into this new year.