This team cares for those in our church. From hospital visitations, to meals delivered to new moms, to helping folks on move day, this team helps with unique needs. For more information, contact Pastor Mary Ann Noack at


The folks responsible for brewing and serving coffee each weekend. For more information, contact Gail Obra at


The team responsible for preparing the elements for communion once a month. For more information, contact Stacy Nelson at


This team makes sure there is always a kind face after Sunday mornings services to answers questions, get you signed up for an event, or point you in the right direction. For more information, contact Carolyn Clark at


The friendly faces that welcome you to River West Church, help you find your child’s classroom, point you toward the coffee station and hand you a bulletin. For more information, contact Pat and Cheryl Grill at


The team responsible for serving food at special events such as Introducing River West, Vacation Bible School, and Connect Sundays. For more information, contact Stacy Nelson at


The amazing folks who give their time and talents to serve God’s little ones. For more information, contact River West Kids Director, Kathleen Self, at


This team is trained to respond quickly and compassionately to emergencies and children’s safety issues. For more information, contact Dave Andrews at

Student ministry

Adult leaders who want to love and serve teens. This happens as they build relationships with students while sitting at Starbucks, rafting the Deschutes, snowboarding at Mt. Hood, hanging out on a houseboat, or leading a Bible study! For more information, contact Pastor of Student Ministries, Jeff Spiegel at

Sunday Nights

If the 5pm service is your service, help others worship by joining our evening usher, greeter, connect, safety, communion, visual tech, cooking/dinner, or coffee teams. For more information, contact Pastor Eric Johnson at


The folks who direct you where to go, find you the last empty seats, and pass out Bibles every weekend. For more information, contact Duane Carlsen at

Visual Techs

The computer-savvy team responsible for the words and images that appear on the screens. For more information, contact Pastor Colin Dobrin at

Women’s Service Team

A group of women dedicated to serving other women at River West. This team is divided into smaller teams that specialize in particular areas, such as event decor or meal preparation. Available teams include:

  • Care Team | The Care Team prepares meals, visits those in need, and looks for ways to serve others in our community.
  • Childcare Team | The Childcare Team is a vital component of women’s ministry and a perfect way to connect with new friends while caring for kids and, as a result, blessing their moms.
  • Decor Team | The Decor Team is creative and intentional in designing and preparing the spaces where women gather.
  • Food + Coffee Team | The Food + Coffee Team prepares to welcome and nourish (and caffeinate!) women as we gather. After all, food is an avenue for connection that feeds the soul and the body!
  • Hospitality Team | The Hospitality Team arrives early, and warmly welcomes and assists all who come to gather at River West.
  • Prayer Team | The Prayer Team provides prayer for women and our church, community, and world.

Women are invited to join one or more service teams by filling out this form.

For more information, contact Lisa Feenstra at

River West Church
2000 Country Club Rd.
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

9am + 11am
4pm (Family Service)

River West Church
2000 Country Club Rd
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

9am + 11am
4pm (Family Service)

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