Did you ever struggle with how to celebrate Halloween growing up? No? Just me? How do we comprehend Halloween as children? Or, as adults, how do we wrestle with a holiday that is so culturally prevalent but also theologically challenging?

Serving kids at River West has redeemed yet another of my uncomfortable childhood dilemmas. Our River West Kids events have helped bring back the joy of childhood for me. Whether it’s dressing up for the fall Harvest party or wearing my ugliest sweater to the 4th and 5th grade Christmas party, I love having a reason to dream of new costume ideas. Seeing the look of wonder (or embarrassment) on a child’s face as I walk through the door dressed as a unicorn or a princess is priceless!

River West Church is fun! Ok—the secret is out! Whether it’s a staff meeting, a Bible study, a special event, or a crazy kid’s game—we know how to have fun! Please join us and enjoy the wonders of childhood again. You can dress up, if you want, eat too much candy, sing along with the kids, or tell great Bible stories all while serving with us in River West Kids.