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Men, I want to thank you.

Thank you for reading my ramblings for the last year.
Thank you for engaging with the topics.
Thank you for the emails of encouragement to keep writing.

It’s been a challenging and rewarding endeavor for me.  I consider it to be one of the surprise blessings to come out of Covid.

Originally, I thought it would just be a season—a few months at most.  That’s why I called this group a “Season of Sharpening.”  I never would have imagined that Covid would still be playing such a huge role in our lives a year later.

I’ve decided to make some changes, but that doesn’t mean I’m finished writing and sharing with the men of River West.  This will be the last post in this format, but soon I will be sharing weekly in what I’m calling “Weekly Sharpening with Pastor Mike.”  You don’t have to do anything to continue receiving emails from me.  You have already been added to that group.

I’ll also use the new format to update you on upcoming men’s events.  I’m especially excited about launching the Living Lionhearted study on April 10th.  More details to come!

And I hope you join me on March 13th for our first “Hour of Sharpening” with Daniel Harkavy.  You can RSVP HERE.

You’ll be hearing from me soon!

And thanks again!

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