Myanmar Boarding Home Sponsorship

At River West Church we’re sponsoring the Myaungmya Boarding Home in Myanmar. Currently there are 80 children living in the boarding home learning English, math, science, and biblical truths. These children come from all over Myanmar and, for many of them, this is their only opportunity to hear the Gospel.

We would love your help in supporting the Myaungmya Boarding Home with a monthly, recurring donation of $25. The monthly boarding home costs are $25 per child or $300 per year.

The funds we send to Myanmar will be used to pay for:

  • Food + Clean Water
  • School Supplies + Materials, Biblical Curriculum
  • Teacher Salaries
  • Uniforms
  • Medical Care

When you sponsor the Myaungmya Boarding Home, you will receive:

  • Quarterly Updates
  • Personal Testimonies
  • Photos of the Boarding Home Children

You can support the boarding home in the following ways:

  • Online – Set up a recurring donation online via CCB.
    • If you already have a username and password, visit, sign in, and follow the instructions below.
    • If you do not have a username and password, email for a link to sign up. Once signed in, follow the instructions below.
  • Via Check – Place a check to River West Church with “Myanmar Boarding Home” in the memo line in the offering basket.


    How To Set Up Monthly Payments in CCB:

    1. Click the Give button in the vertical menu to the left
    2. Select Repeating gift
    3. Select Myanmar Boarding Home under Choose Designation
    4. Enter 25 in the Giving Amount Box
    5. Select Monthly under Choose Frequency
    6. Select an available date under Starting Date
    7. Under Continue Until select “I stop this repeating gift”
    8.  Click Continue button
    9. Verify that your Payment Information is correct and complete
    10. Check the box to authorize payment
    11. Click Continue
    12. Your payment has been submitted and you will receive a confirmation email

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