Disability Buddies Training

Disability Buddies Training
Feb 23, 2019 at 9:00 AM

When we look at Jesus' ministry to folks with disabilities throughout the Bible, the word used to describe it would not be ACCOMMODATION, but rather INVITATION. We believe that at River West Church we can improve the ministry we offer to families of children with disabilities — but we need your help!

Brad Franklin from the Elisha Foundation will be joining us to train leaders on how to effectively lead and minister to children with disabilities — specifically in the context of Sunday mornings and evenings.

Our goal is to build a team of folks who would serve as teachers and/or buddies to children and students with disabilities (depending on needs) in order to follow the example of Christ in serving and loving these people WELL.

Saturday, February 23 | 9am-2pm | Community Room
Lunch will be provided.

RSVP here!

If you are interested or would like to hear more, please email jeff@riverwest.org.


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